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Planeta Azul: A Brazilian Entertainment Group: Calendar

Apr 11, 2009 Vertigo Sky Lounge Chicago IL
Feb 21, 2009 Morse Theater Chicago IL
Jan 7, 2009 Cat's Meow Chicago IL
Dec 31, 2008 Cat's Meow Chicago IL
Dec 27, 2008
Oct 2, 2008 Vida Lounge Chicago IL
Oct 1, 2008 Cat's Meow
Sep 7, 2008 Space Evanston IL
Aug 16, 2008 Vida Lounge Chicago IL
Jul 25, 2008 La Pomme Rouge Chicago IL
Jul 24, 2008 Chicago Summerdance Chicago IL

May 16, 2008 Apollo 2000 Theater Chicago IL
Apr 19, 2008 Macalester College - St Paul, MN St. Paul MN
Mar 28, 2008 Macy's on State Chicago IL
Mar 13, 2008 Macy's on State Chicago IL

This year's Macy's FloraNova 2008 kickoff theme was Latin America. With music and dance representations from Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil there was enough diversity and beauty to match that of the lovely assortment of color and splendor of each of the floral displays. FloraNova is an exotic and magnificent botanical and cultural affair that does not require a passport or a pricey plane ticket; at only a hop, skip and jump away in downtown Chicago, just some time during a lunch break will do.

Feb 12, 2008 Wrigley National Sales Convention Rosemont IL

We would like to extend a special thank you to the folks at Wrigley for giving us a great venue and an amazing audience to perform for. With over 1,000 attendies, the energy was so enormous that it was hard to stop.

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